You Don't Know How To Trade?
Don't Worry We Will Help You Do That.

A lot of you want to trade in forex but don't know what the whole graph's all about...yet you feel you've been loosing out on this multi-billion dollar market. What we do is to help you trade that extra money and yield profits for you.


Sign up in simple process, get an activation code, copy it and paste after this url( the browser, press enter and you are in.

Secured Activities

All your transactions are secured on our site since all payment is made to the bank and no financial data of yours is saved on this website.

Invest & Relax

Make your investment and we will take care of the rest by trading it and paying back your profits.

Who we are


We have a track record of years in successful forex trading, which we pride ourself in. We train on how to trade and we most importantly trade in forex. We have been in this space since 2014 and we are here to help you have a residual income that could serve as a retirement benefit or a fallback financial backup. <br> We welcome you on board once again.

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The Process

Follow the steps below

  • Sign Up
  • Deposit
  • Select Investment Plan
  • Leave the rest to us
Sign UP Signing up on the platform is as easy as A,B & C.
Deposit The minimum deposit on this platform is $200 or it's equivalents in Naira to our bank while we confirm
Select Investment Plan Your deposit will be desplayed in your wallet from there you can select the investment plan you desire.
Leave the rest to us We take over and trade with your money and give back profit which you can request at specific intervals.


Invest with us and receive interest of 5% per month

Turn your investment to compound interest

Be your own employer by marketing our product and receive a one time payment of 5% on each referral

You can join a team of multi level marketers to make more money on your referrals.

You can receive your interest monthly, quarterly or annually.

You can turn your investment into a pension scheme by leaving your investment run for a longer period.

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Yes. We are registered under the CAC and fully authorized to carry out forex activities.

We are concerned with FOREX TRADING, Digital currency may be traded if opportunity exists.

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